Wedding guide

The organization and preparation of the happiest day in your life should be full not only of responsibilities but also of many pleasant emotions and smiles. Here, thanks to my guide, you can reassure yourselves that there is nothing frightening and that you can combine the useful with the pleasant.

The restaurant:

One of the first and most important tasks that should be accomplished once the marriage proposal is made and a wedding date is booked, is to choose a restaurant. Its capacity must correspond to the number of guests. You should acquaint yourselves with the menu, the drinks and the bread needed to comply with the Bulgarian rituals and traditions that you would like to observe. You should allocate the tables and determine the seats of the guests. It is mandatory that on the wedding day you have at least two persons tasked with accompanying your relatives and friends to their seats according to the guest list. As a wedding photographer, I can show you pictures from upscale restaurants and give you advice regarding the most appropriate one for your wedding.

Photo and video shooting:

The next step, which is also of prime importance, is the hiring of a wedding photographer and a videographer. I emphasize the meaning of prime importance because the photographer and the videographer start their work from the very beginning of the wedding. They are constantly next to you, the newlyweds. Their engagement does not end with the wedding finale organized by the DJ but months later – with the processing of pictures, the editing of a photobook, the creation of a stylish vision for the video product, etc. Together with me and my team, we will develop a comprehensive scenario of the events during the wedding day so that it can be as sweet as honey.

The wedding DJ:

This is the indispensable part of the awesome party! By working with some of the most experienced wedding virtuosos, who have established their reputation throughout the years, I can certainly testify that Stara Zagora is the city with the most talented DJs! It is mandatory that you have two of them – a presenter and a person behind the turntable, who should be interchangeable. Those are the people who will not allow for the dancing floor to remain empty and who will fulfill all your wishes. Those are the people who will provide the rhythm of the party and who will make sure that all your guests enjoy themselves by the early hours of the morning.

The wedding decoration:

The next step is selecting an agency that provides wedding decorations. Most of the agencies with which I work offer not only the right attitude and a well-designed final product but also everything necessary to turn your wedding into a true fairytale. Those agencies will have everything you need – from wedding dresses and suits to wedding accessories, bridal bouquets, wedding glasses and a book of wishes to fireworks, decorations for cars, etc.

The folklore ensemble:

Those are the people who will resuscitate the memory of the Bulgarian traditions and customs from the old times.
“Let the drum beat and the dance take place” – for you and your guests!

In order for the union between the bride and the groom to be legally binding, the only valid form according to the family code of the Republic of Bulgaria is the civil marriage. For that matter, one must submit a request at least 30 days before the ceremony. In case you would like to have a church marriage, it is required that both the bride and the groom are baptized and that they are both believers.

For more detailed information you are welcome to visit me at my studio where I will be pleased to arrange your wedding.